May Muffin of the Day!


May 2022

Muffins are Listed by Date


Muffin of the Day flavors can only be ordered on their specific flavor day!

May 2022 Muffin of the Day

The days flavor is only available on the date listed!

1 Bakers Choice
2 Black Forest - Chocolate muffin filled with tart cherries
3 Blueberry - Lots of wild Maine blueberries
4 Midnight Chocolate - Copenhagen muffin filled with chocolate custard
5 Cinco de Mayo - Dulce de Leche filled
6 Sour Cream Chocolate Chip - A classic favorite
7 Strawberry Cheese - Sweet & creamy
8 Bakers Choice
9 Lemon Custard Muffin -Smooth custard with brightly tart lemon
10 Banana Nut - Banana muffin with crunchy nuts
11 Almond Poppy Seed - A tasty favorite
12 Triple Chocolate Chip - Chocolate lovers rejoice!
13 Apple Streusel - Tastes like Apple Pie!
14 Cherry Cheese - Door County cherries and cream cheese
15 Bakers Choice
16 Cookies and Cream - A favorite of kids of all ages!
17 Apple Cinnamon - Tasty cinnamon and apple pieces
18 Strawberry Poppy Seed - Poppy seed muffin with strawberry filling
19 Tollhouse - Chocolate chips and fancy pecans
20 Blueberry Corn Muffin - A delicous combination
21 Banana Chocolate Chip - Great with a cold glass of milk
22 Bakers Choice
23 Oh Joy - Coconut, milk chocolate chips, almond
24 Morning Muffin - A tasty start to your day!
25 Banana Split - Banana, strawberries, and chocolate
26 Lemon Poppy Seed Blueberry - Poppy Seed muffin with a touch of lemon and blueberries throughout
27 Raspberry Cream Cheese - Tastes like cheesecake!
28 Rhubarb Crown Cake -Crown cake muffin with rhubarb filling inside
29 Bakers Choice
30 Memorial Day! Douglas, Durand, Washington & Oak Creek closed. Petro Travel Plaza self serve
31 Strawberry Almond -Almond muffin with strawberry filling